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Our parent company MacRefresh Ltd provide IT asset disposal and data destruction services to business of all sizes.


Secure Data Removal

MacRefresh work to strict compliance and security procedures, which are never compromised. Data destruction is one of the most complex and sensitive activities a company must carry out. In an era of identity theft and data leaks, brand protection is more important than ever, any data removal system that is not 100% secure offers no security at all.

Many companies make the promise of destroying data, when in fact all they will do is format the drive and reload the operating system – this is never secure or sufficient. We use a leading data destruction utility approved by CESG for magnetic hard disk drives.

We have proven methods and systems that are designed to manage asset disposal for new, used and retired Mac hardware.


Removal of all Company Markings

It is not uncommon for companies to mark their hardware for loss and theft protection, asset tracking or even brand identity.

Once collected hardware has been tested and all data removed, we thoroughly clean the items and removal all markings that could in anyway identify the original owner.


Reseller Partner Program

We like to keep things simple. MacRefresh understand your business and how you work with your customers.  We can work with you, allowing you to offer your customers IT asset disposal solutions (ITAD). As a reseller you will be able to offer your customers a bespoke recycle service, encompassing removal of all of your customers end of life Mac hardware. The service includes collection, data destruction and reward. That reward can be used as credit to offset against new equipment they buy from you, however, ultimately it’s up to you regarding how you manage the system and what percentage you retain.