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Apple Mac Pro (5,1) 2012 3.46Ghz 6 Core 64GB RX560 500GB NVMe SSD USB3 Mojave

Apple Mac Pro (5,1) 2012 3.46Ghz 6 Core 64GB RX560 500GB NVMe SSD USB3 Mojave

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3 Year RTB Warranty

Apple Mac Pro (5,1) 2012
3.46Ghz 6 Core Intel Xeon
64GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
AMD RX 560 4GB Graphics Card
4 Port USB 3.0 PCIe Card

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This fully refurbished Mac Pro computer is built around the 2012 MD770LL model.

This machine is used so will have small marks and scratches especially on the handles from general usage however it is 100% reliable.
All of our machines have passed our stringent 20 points Apple Service Diagnostic testing and our Synthetic Load Stress testing using our in-house tools.

This Mac Pro is fitted with a brand new 500GB (NVMe PCIe Solid State Drive) with the macOS 10.13, High Sierra System installed.

Until now the faster more responsive NVMe Solid State Drives have not been bootable on the Mac Pro workstations, it offers six time the performance over a 2.5″ SSD installed in the regular SATA bays.

These Mac Pros fully support 10.13 which is available as a free download from the Apple Store

We have professionally upgraded this original 2012 Mac Pro to a 2012 specification using the Intel Xeon 6-Core processor running at 3.46Ghz.

Once upgraded these 2012 Mac Pros outperform the current Mac Pro 6,1 in many areas for a fraction of the price

The final core components you need are fitted. The excellent AMD RX 560 4GB and a huge 64GB server class memory. We have also installed some additions that we class as essential in today’s world, Original Apple Bluetooth and Wifi & an Sonnet 4 Port USB3 Card

This Mac Pro will ship as standard with the Apple Mac OS Sierra System installed, although we can install operating systems from 10.6 to 10.13 depending on your requirements and support for certain graphics cards. Please contact us, and we will advise what your options are.

And finally, for your peace of mind, we offer a 3 YEAR support package with telephone/email and live chat support.

Unlike many other sellers on eBay, our warranty covers all hardware and labour costs. You can there buy in confidence that this full
refurbished Mac Pro will provide you with years of reliable service and satisfaction

Battery Life & Condition

During the assessment stage of our system we use a measure we call the 80% rule. This rule is our boundary for battery replacement. Our technicians look at the full charge capacity of the laptop vs the design capacity as well as cycle count. If this falls below what we regard as less than 80% of the original battery life we fit the system with brand new battery.

How long will my battery last?

We anticipate that the minimum battery life of your system will be above 5h of general usage.

Please note this is not guaranteed as all users use their laptops in different ways. This figure is an average taken using a wide range of systems from different years.


Condition Grades



Systems classified as grade A we regard as being as good as new. These systems show only the minor signs of use on the external casing. All screens are checked and free of any inconsistencies or imperfections.



Our B grade condition systems will include minor visible cosmetic wear. This could include cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, scuffs or dents to the body. None of the issues interfere with the functionality of the system.



Anything we consider as grade C has clearly visible cosmetic wear. This includes deeper scratches and/or dents in the casing. Screens may also include imperfections such as dead pixels or blemishes and if applicable this is clearly stated.

If you’re budget conscious a C grade system can be the ideal solution for those looking to save and still have all the benefits and functionality of the Mac.


All systems provided come in 100% full working order and with our industry leading warranty. The conditions we describe below are only in relation to the cosmetic appearance of our machines. We never supply systems with technical faults unless clearly stated in the condition description. When pricing a system the condition grade is an attributing factor and a reduction of price will be seen on lower grades.

How much memory do I need?

Use CaseDescription4GB8GB16GB32GB
Office ProductivityBasic Document Work
Large Documents, Heavy Multitasking
Web BrowsingBasic Multitab Browsing
Heavy (30+ Tab) Browsing
Media StreamingAudio or Video (Netflix/Youtube)
Photo EditingBasic
Video Editing / Music ProductionLow-End (1080p)
Mid-Range (2K – With Supported Graphics Card)
High-End (4K With Supported Graphics Card)



What is an SSD and why do we supply them with every system?

Access Time (amount of time required to find your data).An SSD is 190% faster.
ReliabilityAn SSD is 120% more reliable.
Energy Savings An SSD has 100% lower power consumption. (Longer battery life).
Backup TimeSSDs on average are 110% faster to backup.



We no longer supply Hard Disk Drives (HDD) storage and only install Solid State Drives (SSD).
The reason for this is that is that Apple has introduced a new file saving system called APFS, with the latest macOS High Sierra, which is:
Designed specifically for Solid State Drives.
– Optimizes data storage for increased speed.
SSDs can access all data storage locations simultaneously. An HDD cannot do this.
An HDD just like a vinyl player uses its needle to play your song an HDD uses a needle to read your data. An SSD doesn’t need a needle as it has access to everything instantly. APFS scatters your data across your drive for efficiency with SSDs, however, this has the adverse effect with HDDs and dramatically reduces performance and progressively worsens over time.
Because of this, we stopped supplying any products that have macOS High Sierra with HDD storage a long time ago. All of these products have the old HDD removed and an SSD installed to replace it. Benefits of this are:
– Improved reliability with no physical wear from moving parts.
– Improved performance at 4x faster with no reduction in disk speed over time.
– Increased longevity of your Mac with the use of upgraded current technology.

All of our items include our industry-leading warranty with exclusive access to our support centre. With a myriad of warranty benefits your never more than a phone call away from your technical issues being solved.

The MacBank Protection Plan for your Apple Mac includes three years of hardware & software technical support as well as further service options from our in-house team.

With your purchase of our Protection Plan, you are only ever one phone call away from a trained technician ready to answer questions about your Apple Mac. As a Protection Plan customer, you’ll get priority access to our helpdesk of Apple Certified technicians.

Standard WarrantyProtection Plan
Term1 Year (unless otherwise stated).3 Years
CostsIncluded with your purchase.From £99
SupportThe warranty includes technical support from our experience Apple certified team.

If a problem arises with your product, please contact our customer service department, and they will ensure your issue is dealt with swiftly.

Our protection plan includes priority access to Apple Certified Experts via phone, email, live chat and internet remote access support via a secure connection.
Hardware & SoftwareIf a problem occurs with your hardware or software using our collect & return service we can efficiently repair your system and return to you ready to go. If your system cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a comparable system. Repairs are performed on-site using genuine parts & software.Your priority status continues, and your repairs are fast-tracked into our repair centre and completed first.
Not includedShipping costs for repairs, packaging costs incurred by you, software installation costs, data recovery costs, data loss, water damage, fall damage and any other type of damage caused by you.Our protection plan covers the courier cost of your first claim.
DetailsClick here for terms and conditions.For details about our Protection Plan click here.

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About our warranty:

These MacBank items includes our FREE 3 year return to base warranty, phone, email and remote support (If applicable) via our secure high speed internet connection.

Our warranty covers all of the components in our Mac systems, if one should fail, we will endeavour to replace or repair it at your convenience.

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Dispatch and Delivery:

We aim to pack and dispatch all our items within 48 hours of payment (Monday to Friday). Items purchased over the weekend will usually be dispatched on Monday. For the entire UK, all items are delivered free of charge. Shipping to mainland Europe is also available.

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System I/O:

2 x Gigibit Ethernet Ports
4 x Firewire 800MB/s Ports
4 x USB 3.0
5 x USB 2.0
1 x DVI
1 x Displayport
1 x HDMI
1 x 3.5mm Analogue/Optical Combo Jack
1 x 3.5mm Analogue Output
Built in Speaker
Bluetooth 2.1
Wifi – 802.11N
16x Superdrive


Whats in the box:

1 x  Apple Mac Pro 5,1
1 x UK / EU Power Cable
1 x MacBank OS Restore USB