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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

MacBank was born from the idea that more people should have access to Apple technology. By recycling older systems for end-users MacBank can create huge savings for customers. Our affordable systems let us achieve our aim in assisting people to finish that degree, create that song or make someone’s Christmas.

Our recognition of our wider responsibilities to the community translates through our participation in a number of projects that strive to improve services within local communities and overseas.

Some of our community partners are;

Namibia Project

The Project works to reverse the adverse impact that poverty has on children’s lives and future. Through sponsorship, access to education and by meeting the basic welfare needs the Namibia Project improves the lives and opportunities of orphans and vulnerable children in Namibia.

We have been helping further the education of African students by providing iPads to the Namibia project. The Namibia project is working hard to improve schools in Africa by developing everything from the school libraries to their water supply.

The Namibia project used the iPads supplied by MacBank (MacRefresh Ltd.) to assist with Grade 1 learners as well as Grade 2 & 3 teachers so they can learn the functional skills of using the devices. Furthermore, the iPads can be used as powerful learning tools for problem-solving, drawing, storytelling and geometry.

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Survivors in Transition

Survivors in Transition (SiT) is a registered charity, based in Ipswich, providing telephone, email and online support, as well as a specialist counselling and therapy service for adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

We are extremely grateful to MacBank (Macrefresh Ltd.), who have built us a custom CMS, assisted us with its implementation and data population.  One of the issues we faced as a small charity with limited funds was finding a solution that worked for us rather than the other way around; not to mention the cost involved in purchasing an off the shelf product. We support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and Macrefresh have dealt with this subject in a sensitive and respectful manner, quickly understanding our needs. Macrefresh have produced a bespoke database for us that exceeds our requirements in terms of client management and reporting demands. It has been wonderful to work with a local business who clearly take their commitment to their local community seriously.

– Fiona Ellis

MacBank (MacRefresh Ltd.) have donated Apple iMac’s, provided networking services and have donated both developer & programmer time to SiT to design and build the bespoke CMS that now runs the operations of the charity.

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We’re Helping To End Homelessness In The UK!

Every bit of Crisis work is integrated, and all contribute to the purpose of ending homelessness. The services Crisis provide are carefully informed through their decades of experience of working with homeless people, and the research they’ve carried out over the years. Their research is driven by knowledge from working side-by-side with homeless people every day. And this influences our campaigning for permanent change.

Join us and help out with a donation at


ActivLives is a local small, grassroots charity, working in Ipswich and across Suffolk, providing local support and motivating people to improve their own health and well-being; keeping people connected with their communities to reduce social isolation and loneliness and providing access to learning, training and volunteering opportunities to enable people to gain skills and find meaningful employment.

ActivLives reached out to MacBank (MacRefresh ltd.) as they’re staff were struggling due to out of date technology. With our assistance, we’ve updated their systems to bring them into the 21st century. This refresh allows their staff to work faster, experience less downtime due to older systems and spend more time helping out in our community

I would just like to thank you and MacBank (MacRefresh) for supplying the Laptops and Ipads for ActivLives. They arrived safely and have already been given to staff, who are over the moon.

– Julie Stokes (CEO)

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Poppies Care Farm

We can all lead an active and fulfilling life! On Poppies Care Farm the team members have learning difficulties and mental health challenges. They all work together to contribute to the running of the farm, from growing vegetables to caring for the animals.

The Poppies Care Farm website had become dated, over time, so MacBank (Macrefresh) offered to re-build it, from scratch. Using their in-house marketing team, they have developed a fresh site, which is now available, to truly showcase what PCF does.

MacBank (MacRefresh Ltd.) have been working with Poppies to get their IT equipment updated and refurbished as well as build a brand new website from the ground up.


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Ipswich Town Academy

The goal of the Ipswich Town Academy is very simple; they want to offer the best players in this region the opportunity to develop into top class footballers and play for a great club. Ipswich Town has always been seen as a developer of players. Over the years it has provided many players, not only for Ipswich Town but for other professional clubs and also for the national game. The Academy is very much the cornerstone. Whatever level the Club has played at, the youth development system has provided a large percentage of squad members.

The Academy works with players nationally and internationally and provides opportunities for an excellent career. MacBank (MacRefresh Ltd.) is an official sponsor of the Ipswich Town Academy helping the youth of today achieve their dreams and aspiration to become a professional footballer.

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Digital Bridges Project

Digital Bridges is Social Enterprise Project which provides an environment and opportunity for young people to teach older generations of the local community how to use an iPad and preserve their memories digitally for future generations to enjoy.  Through these paired activities young people develop vital communication, listening and literacy skills as they interact with the stories and conversations of an older age.

At MacBank (MacRefresh Ltd.) we want to help Digital Bridges equip a non-digital generation to record their stories for future generations to appreciate. These stories don’t need to be grand – just personal. They may be as simple as linking objects or photographs with verbal recounts. Digital memories will be multi-modal artefacts created by combining analogue materials from the older participants’ lives, such as photos, tickets, papers, books etc. and linking them with a narrative of their memories recorded in audio and written text.

We’ve to help Digital Bridges with the supply of technology to ensure they can continue to move towards their ultimate goal.

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Maria Montessori School

The Maria Montessori School is located at several sites and offers an authentic Montessori education for children aged from 2 to 12 years. The school is regarded as an example of best practice in Montessori education – it nurtures independence and creativity, and promotes hands-on, self-paced, collaborative and joyful learning. Children in the school follow their interests, wherever their passion leads; giving them strong academics, leadership and a lifelong love of learning.

Part of our mission is to provide technology to those you otherwise couldn’t afford to and help with the global effort to advance 3rd world communities. Our efforts include donating IT equipment to African schools. We have already supplied the Maria Montessori School in Kumasi, Ghana.

We will continue to develop this program to help more schools in Africa upgrade their IT infrastructure.

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Our most significant impact on the environment is through our use of energy and other resources.

We are conscious of the company’s environmental impact through its operations and our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

In particular we have:

  • Reduced paper usage throughout the company, by implementing double-sided printing and making operations paperless, wherever possible;
  • Improved energy efficiency in our premises, through the use of energy management and smart electronic controls;
  • Improved recycling facilities so that our waste is segregated at point of use and we target zero landfill output from our operations;
  • Introduced new bathroom technology to significantly reduce our water consumption;
  • and the installation of low energy, LED lighting throughout our facility

If you’re interested in getting involved please contact our Commercial Director Robert Barker at