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About Us

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Our refurbishment process is second to none. Our team is comprised of only the highest skilled technicians who are not only experts in their field but all officially certified by Apple under the ACMT program. Our in-house technicians inspect and refurbish all of our systems through our strict procedures to ensure that even long after your purchase with us that they continue to treat you well for many years to come.

Our philosophy is that you should buy once and buy right. Although we keep our prices as competitive as possible, we are never the cheapest, and this is for a good reason. The care and attention put into each system as well as our unparalleled warranty do come at a cost. However, this is paid forward to the years of use you will get with your Mac and the support if an issue was to occur.


So what is so special about our warranty? If an issue was to occur with your Mac (be it very unlikely), we do our utmost to fix this issue for you as soon as possible. When you get in contact with us about your issue, our ACMT qualified technicians will speak with you via email and phone and attempt to fully diagnose the issue. An attempt to fix the issue while the system is with you by talking you through the fix or using our remote support software will be made to limit any time you have without your Mac.

In the eventuality that your system has to come back, we will do our best to make this process as painless as possible. When we have received your Mac, our technicians will quickly diagnose your issue using our hardware diagnostics tools and repair the fault. In the worse case scenario that your system cannot be repaired a replacement unit will be provided and (if possible) your data will be completely migrated to the new Mac so it is just as you left it.

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  1. Upon a new system arriving with us, it is stocked into our inventory system and placed in our data secure area
  2. Our data team will then perform basic hardware diagnosis tests and professional data clean the systems.
  3. Now clear of data our units are split into two categories, functional machines ready for quality insurance testing and requiring refurbishment work.
  4. Units that require work will be refurbished by our ACMT qualified team to the required high standard then transferred to quality insurance.
  5. Quality insurance will run 24 Hour synthetic load stress testing as well as Apple Service Diagnostic test and a manual 32 point inspection. This inspection includes everything from testing every key on the keyboard to making sure the isight camera is working perfectly.

Once clearing all the above checks and procedures, our sales team are given clearance for to list the item for sale. The sales team will check the systems over, checking specification and any cosmetic blemishes so that our listing can accurately depict the systems and their specifications.

  1. Upon the sale of the item our Quality insurance department perform a second manual inspection and synthetic load stress test.
  2. Your item is then packed and dispatched and notification including tracking information sent to you.

Who we are

MacBank (part of the MacRefresh Ltd group) are Europe’s leading re-seller of affordable refurbished Apple equipment. With over 13 years experience in the sector we pride ourselves in supplying the best quality products and services.

We believe that people matter – they are the heartbeat of our business.

We recruit employees who exemplify our core values and invest heavily in their training to ensure they maximise their potential and can always meet our customers expectations.

Our team of skilled, experienced IT professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds, provide expert service, tailored to any requirement.



What we do

Everything and Anything Apple…

Whether you are a student looking to get an affordable MacBook for your studies or a professional video editor looking for a high performance Mac Pro, we’ve got you covered. We have an extensive stock list of item in all ranges suitable for every user.

If you are unsure what system is right for you please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team who can run through some questions with you and hand pick a Mac right for you.

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Why we do it

We are Apple enthusiasts through and through. Some of our team have been working in the Apple eco system since the early 1990s. We have a passion for Macs and there isn’t much we don’t know.

We are proud to work with major clients from around the world including satellite broadcasters, national newspapers, publishing companies, mobile network companies, media agencies, students, home users and many more to provide high quality Apple systems.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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We are fund-raising to help end homelessness. We urge all of our customers to help out and add a small donation upon checkout. All proceeds will be sent directly to

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